TT Skeining Machines

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Machine Features: –

  • 1 & 2 Spindles
  • Fast, Efficient and Economical
  • Programmable number of strands and shuttle speed.
  • Programmable number of twists and speed.
  • Programmable skein length.
  • Motorised programmable skein contraction
  • Easily interfaced with most winders
  • The TT is designed to be a drop in replacement for the Pillarhouse E2/2 Shuttle and MiniTwist skeiners


dsc_9309-1     Clear, Simple Programming


Integral Disc Tensioner with Easy Thread Discs and Frictionless Takeup Arms


Diamond Polished Alumina Ceramics throughout


Serial Link Connection. Easily interfaces with most winders


Minimal size loops

Standard Specifications

Number of spindles 1 or 2
Wire diameter range. 0.02 – 0.12 mm
Twister needle 0.5mm Diameter
Rear hook Needle 0.5mm Diameter
Skein length. TT300

Skein length. TT500

50 – 300 mm

250 – 500 mm

Tensioner Integral disc type. 4 posts per spindle
Spindle pitch 22mm
Shuttle speed Variable to 120 m/min
Twisting speed Variable to 12,000 rev/min
Programmable control of: – Number of strands in skein 3 – 19
  Number of twists
  Skein length
  Contraction rate
  Tension plate de-tensioner operation (winding tension/skeining tension)
Program storage 50 programs
Operation Manual start or fully automatic with the winding machine
Interface Relay or RS 232
Power supply 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Bench mounting stand Included
Additional Optional Requirements
Wire Break Detection

HMI mounted on opposite side.

Adjustable Wire Guide Pulleys fitted to front of the machine.

Adjustable Wire Guide Pulleys and takeup arms for tagwrapping fitted to front of the machine.

Tension Posts fitted with Light Springs

Floor mounting stand to suit winding machine

Delivery, Installation and Training in your factory

Recommended Spare Parts Kit

1 Twist/Shuttle Motor (same motor type performs both functions)

Set of Ball Bearings of all types used

Set of Belts of all types used

Set of Miniature Screws used

1 Twister and Needle Assembly

2 Twister Needles 0.5mm dia

2 Rear Hook Needles 0.5mm dia

Set of Sensors of all types used

Set of Fuses of all types used

1 Twist/Shuttle Drive PCB

1 Rear Hook Drive PCB